Best educational toys and games for your toddlers

Besides the school and of course parental teaching, toys are the best way to enhance the skills of your toddlers and make them more educated and smart. On days when your toddlers are at home, you can best utilize the time by engaging them with educational toys. While they are outside of their classroom, parents have to be a little creative with their teaching method and that job can be made a lot easier by introducing them to educational toys. Both games and toys can contribute their part to help in educating your toddlers. This age is probably the best time to work on your kid’s skill-building as well as development skills.

To help you find the best toys and games for your toddlers, we have put together a list of best educational toys that your kids will totally love.

Mega bloks 80-piece building bag 

This is probably one of the best gifts to give your toddler at any stage of development. The bag consists of total 80 building blocks that can be constructed in many different ways depending on your kid’s creativity. The blocks are of different shapes and colors which can be used to create anything that their mind suggests. From animals and trains to towers and castles, these blocks can be arranged in many different ways. These building blocks promote open-ended creativity and also help to develop motor skills. Once your toddler is done playing, you can put the blocks back in the bag.

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Melissa and Doug Wooden peg puzzles

Toddlers are at the best age to be introduced to the world of puzzles. And for starters, you can consider buying them wooden peg puzzles that can work on developing their motor and hand-eye skills. The puzzle comes in three different wooden pegs that teach them the numbers, alphabets, colors and many more things. This will also work on their spatial awareness and make them more knowledgeable about the shapes.

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VTech Touch and learn activity desk deluxe

If you are looking for something that is pretty affordable and provides great educational content at the same time, look no further than VTech touch and learn activity desk deluxe that offers some really impressive content in a wide range of options. This educational tool can work well for your toddler 2 and up. This tiny little set has a lot to offer in terms of education. This colorful piece comes along with a small child-sized stool, on which your little one can sit to learn and color. The desk comes with 5 teaching pages including numbers, counting, letters, fruits, and colors.

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LeapFrog scribble and write

To let your toddler master the art of writing, leapfrog scribble and write tablet is one of the best ways to work on their writing skills. This is a great way to teach your kids numbers and letters in both lowercase and upper case. To mimic the number or the letter shown on the screen, the toddler will have to trace the light on the screen to practice drawing numbers and letters in both uppercase and lowercase. This is a fun and simple way to get your toddler better at handwriting and also to boost hand-eye coordination.

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Calculator cash register

Toddlers love mimicking everything that we adults do on a daily basis. And it can be anything, from pretending to be someone to engaging in a role play, this help them to develop language and also builds their motor skills. If your toddler loves engaging in imaginative play, then you definitely should consider buying this calculator cash register which will also teach them counting, sorting and cognitive function skills with all the toys and elements we get along with the cash register. Your little one can pretend to be a cash registrar whilst playing with the calculator.

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