Best Online Destinations for Perfume Shopping

When you think to stock your favorite fragrances there is nothing better than going for virtual purchasing. The virtual purchasing has long lists of benefits that apply to all the commodities but mainly pertains to perfumes. The internet is a veritable treasure trove for not only good deals and steals but also a place where you can discover a wide array of new and interesting brands that you haven’t tried at stores. Not to forget that many sites also offer different sampling and tester options, so that instead of buying a full-size version you can give a shot to the smaller one.

Although online perfume shopping is associated with so many benefits still the digital users feel reluctant to shop their favorite perfume brands online particularly because they are not sure about how legit the perfumes are. To make your shopping experience indelible we have rounded up a few online destinations that you can count on for your next perfume shopping. These best places to buy perfume online will make you seriously rethink how you scent shop.


When it comes to buying beauty products you can blindly trust Sephora. Like the in-store fragrance shopping experience at Sephora is quite good, so is the online version. The site offers you a helpful quiz whereby answering a few questions you can find out a perfume that ideally matches your taste and personality. The online version of Sephora also provides a return option where you can return anything you don’t like as long as it’s gently used. Sephora offers plenty of brands and sizes to choose from and a deluxe perfume sampler which comes with nine of the most sought-after fragrances plus a voucher to redeem a full-size version of your favorite one. Isn’t that a great value for money?

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FragranceX is the hive for online fragrance shopping. You can find literally any fragrance at the FragranceX. You can easily re-stock your favorite ones at FragranceX. It is the online hub for all types of fragrances ranging from high-end to cheap ones. The FragranceX offers many discounts on (up to 80% off on authentic fragrances from top brands) your favorite fragrances that for sure you won’t be able to find anywhere else. They also have a loyalty program which always adds benefit in your shopping book.

FragranceX is legitimate when it comes to buying perfume and is well known for providing quality service and discount fragrance prices.

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We all love good deals, don’t we? Fragrancenet is a one-stop online destination for good deals and notably discounted prices and not to forget the plethora of coupons available.

All this makes Fragrancenet a great pick for affordable perfume shopping. Other perks include free shipping, easy returns, and good sample selection that you can buy before going for a full-size. The site offers authentic and top-rated brands to choose from. You can surely make your next perfume purchase from Fragrancenet.

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Bloomingdale’s provides options to search the many offerings according to price, fragrance type, and notes, this is one of the easier sites to navigate and find your favorite scent. The site has housed many high-end and designer fragrances with clear descriptions of the notes composed in that particular fragrance, giving the consumers a clear idea of what they are buying.

It offers free shipping and free return option to their digital customers every time they make scent purchase. The site regularly updates its products providing its customers with many new fragrances to choose from. Bloomingdale’s also publishes their best-sellers list so that you can add a few best-sellers to your collection.

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