Check out these pretty dresses for your first date night

Is it your first time going on a date? Chances are you must be all jittery and excited at the same time. But we all know that the first date can be pretty awkward, to say the least, and you will need all the confidence that you can get to make sure everything goes smoothly. And there’s no better way to do it than wearing the hottest outfit that will transform you into looking a total chic in no time. However, narrowing down the best outfit for a date has always been a major concern for a lot of women and if you are also one of those who is worried about what dress to wear to your first date then you need to fret not as we have got you covered by rounding up a list of some of the best dresses you can wear to your first date. And the best part, we have provided you with the link of each dress that you can easily purchase from Nordstrom’s online store.

Satin slip dress

Looking for a dress that oozes nothing but hotness? We certainly don’t think there can be any better piece than a satin slip dress to do the trick for you. This dress can’t get any sexier and you’ve got to believe us when we say that this is one of the most perfect dresses you can wear to your date night. The champagne color of this dress will flatter every skin tone. Whether wearing it to a dinner or just a casual hang out spot, this dress will work its magic and will make you look like sexy chic in no time. You can also work up this dress casually by wearing it a tee over it and this will create a very relaxed look.

A midi dress

You can never go wrong with a midi dress. It not only looks very elegant but it’s also perfect for every occasion. The wrap style of this dress is perfect for every body type and it hugs the body at all the right places which further accentuates your silhouette and makes it look flattering. The floral print exudes a very romantic vibe which is perfect to be worn to your date night. Team up the dress with a stylish pair of black heels and layered necklace and voila! You’ll be good to go.

A pretty maxi dress

Maxi dresses have the ability to look very formal, but you can easily ease down its formal tone by opting for a maxi dress that has both a feminine and casual vibe to it. This one-shoulder maxi dress has all the right elements to it. It looks both casual and date appropriate at the same time. One-shoulder detailing and the side slit is what that is making this outfit work. If you’re looking for that drama in your outfit, this is the dress for you. Team up your dress with pretty stilettos or wedges and nice hoops.

Floral mini dress

Show your sweet side by wearing a floral print mini dress to your date night. Floral dresses have a very romantic and flirty feel to them, so if you’re looking to make the best impression on your date and want to leave him awestruck, this is the best style you can go with. Just look at its color, so pretty and soothing. Also, the sheer sleeves and ruffle-trimmed ruching are the best highlights of this dress. This dress is suitable for both dinner and casual outing.

A blazer dress

If you’re looking to make a strong statement with your outfit, then you should definitely check out this blazer dress which is everything you need from your perfect date-night dress. Blazer dresses look equal parts hot and polished. With white being a really classic and safe choice, you can never go wrong with this piece. It will also provide some structure to your body and enhance your silhouette, making it look more flattering. The statement sleeves are another best highlight of this dress.