Drugstore Makeup for Visage: Budget-Friendly for Beginners

When someone is beginning to experiment with makeup, they usually don’t like spending more than $50 on a product. They like is cheap but better quality. There was a time when these cosmetics used to be loaded with synthetic colors and fragrance. They was no way anyone could imagine using these on a regular basics and not get those ugly pimples or rashes. Thus people began to avoid these, but with the development these not-so-expensive cosmetics drug store brands, you have got a pretty reasonable makeup and some of them are fabulous to match the quality of rather expensive makeup brands so let’s begin with our today’s tasks, drugstore makeup not to mention, less pricy.


This is the first layer of your makeup which makes it all the more important to get the best primer. This layer has two options a tinted primer and a transparent primer. First of all, it’s a gel and you don’t have to go over the board with it, take two drops or a one big pea size drop and spread it evenly on your face. One thing you all should remember for makeup is, less is more. So spread is perfectly with the help of your ring and center figure. The best primer you will find is ELF jelly pop dew primer. If you have pores, it a must you go for tinted primer, it will minimize your pores such as Milani Prime light, pore minimizing. There is an eye primer which is beneficial for eye and makes your make up stay long check out Milani eye shadow primer.

Foundation and Concealer

As I said before less is more, sprinkle 2-3 drops of foundation on the need area. You probably don’t need full coverage with these use it one the dark portions of your face like on the side of the nose under the eye. Spread it evenly and you will be fine. You can go for L’oreal Paris Infalliable matte and urban cover. These are perfect matt and doesn’t make your face look painted. Urban coverage has SPF 50 which makes it a supreme choice for summers. If foundation doesn’t give you full coverage then stick with concealer. Maybelline age rewind eraser dark circle is a must, must have. Believe me, this product has an extraordinary texture and dark spot coverage. For young girls, Maybelline Fit Me concealer is a choice. Wet and wild Photo focused is another excellent choice and the range is just $5. Then, you have got the L’Oreal Infallible full wear waterproof gives you a pretty nice coverage


Having those perfect headlines and pointed nose can be done with the help of a bronzer apply these with the help of a thin brush and you are set to go. Physicians formula buttercream mini bronzer will cost just $6 and the creamy texture has nice effects. You can use the Physician formula honeydew highlighter in the form of bronzer.


Baking your face is a crucial step for makeup this, ensures to cover all the left out portion on your face and establishes an even tone. Many makeup artists leave the powder under their eye and smudge it after the eye shadows are applied. This is because whenever you apply powder eye shadows they sprinkle their sparkle under the eye and you cannot remove it, as it will remove the concealer and primer layer as well. Leaving the powder help you remove those particles easily with a brush. The powder you can find is wet and wild photo focus translucent/ banana shades and cover girl advanced radiance pressed powder.

Eye Shadows and Lipsticks 

Revlon and L’oreal have some pretty amazing collection of eye-shadows. Their color palette is vast and gives you variety to play with check-out the links Revlon crème eyeshadows and L’Oreal liquid eye shadows. Talking about lipsticks you have many exciting colors, the brands you can follow is Maybelline color sensational L’Oreal Pro matter liquid lipsticks

Give your eyes a lash Paradise Mascara of L’oreal true for its name, you can get Revlon eye pencils for your brows, the filling, and shaping. Finally, use makeup seter with Milani Make it last spray. It’s refreshing and perfect.