Fabulous coffee table centerpieces for your living room

The living room is the soul and heart of any home. It is probably the first room that any guest sees when they first enter the house, which is why it’s vital to keep the room looking all organized and stylish. But there’s one thing where most of the homeowners struggle with and that is the decoration part. There are so many factors that are to be taken into account when decorating a living space. While sofas, couches, tables are still pretty much easier to find, but the process of finding the best decor piece for your coffee table gets a little overwhelming. With thousands and thousands of options available in the market, it gets a little tricky to figure out the best centerpiece for your coffee table. And to help you out with that, we have put together a list of best centerpieces that are not only stylish but practical as well.

3 Piece vase set

Vase has always been one of the most reliable and safest centerpieces to go with. It is not only the most minimal way to decorate your coffee table but it’s also something that doesn’t look over the top and keep things very balanced and striking at the same time. This 3 piece vase set is just the perfect decor accent for your coffee table which gives a very old school vibe with a little hint of modernity. Resin silver, cylindrical shape, different heights are some of the best features of this vase set which can work perfectly for your living room’s decor. You can add any decorative flowers of your choice inside the vases.



Make a small but strong statement with this beautiful silver prowling leopard sculpture which can steal all the limelight in your living room. This shimmery and dazzling centerpiece will command everybody’s attention with its strong appearance. The whole structure is embedded with silver jeweled accents which looks very eye-catching and statement worthy at the same time. Even if you plan to place it somewhere else such as a console table, this piece will look equally chic and wonderful.


A sculptural bowl

Make a powerful statement with this peacock sculptural bowl which looks every bit of regal and classy. Every single feature in this bowl is screaming of attention, be it the sophisticated and eyecatching bronze finish or handcrafted design technique. This is one of those decorative pieces that can add an instant charm and a whole new level of aesthetic appeal to the room. If you have a thing for cultural and artistic things, then this is just the right centerpiece for you which look both fashionable and striking at the same. You can decorate the bowl by adding different items in the same colors and finish to make it look whole.


Decorative tray

Decorative trays have always been the easiest way to dress up your coffee table. It not only works as a decorative accent but it can also be used practically by allowing it to hold some different items such as a flower vase, remote control, books or anything you like. We found this round-shaped vintage decorative tray on walmart’s website and we love every single thing about it. From a detailed metal frame and round glass center to classy metallic gold finish and quatrefoil pattern beneath the glass, every single feature of this tray is worth loving.


A statement centerpiece

Sometimes all you need to do is think out of the box and be creative with your choice to make a statement. And we believe this centerpiece screams nothing but attention. This intricately designed skull structure is sculpted in cold cast resin. This is carefully designed using bolts, nuts, and screws, which is the main highlight of this decor piece. If you have been searching for a quirky and statement worthy centerpiece for your coffee table then you should definitely check this piece out.