Get salon hair at home with Dyson Airwrap

Voluminous curls, beach waves, straight and sleek…. The Dyson Supersonic multi-tool enables you to achieve them all. Blow drying your hair was boring until this giant and flossy Dyson Supersonic came along. The headline feature of the tool is how kinder it is to your hair i.e. drying without using extreme heat.

Dyson is a must-have styler that is engineered for multiple hair types and styles, featuring Coanda air styling and propelled by the Dyson digital motor so users can curl, wave, smooth, and dry with no extreme heat. Aren’t the claims intriguing? Dyson’s hair dryer priced $549 quite a huge amount to shell out. It comes in four different colors, including the glamorous Supersonic 23.75 Karat Gold. The device offers a good choice of speeds and temperatures, plus a generous array of magnetic click-on styling attachments for achieving a straight finish, curls and waves.

This feed will go over the efficiency and worthiness of this versatile device, is it a jack of all trades, master of none or a steal. So, that you can make choice unbiased of the hype.


The design of Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is whimsical. You will love the distinctive look of the dryer and how sleek it feels in the hand compared to the bulk of chunkier, longer hair dryers. The Dyson Airwrap has three speed settings (High, Medium, and low) and four heat settings, ranging from 28o C (constant cold) to 100o C (for last drying and styling). The heat settings and speed settings are located on the opposite sides of the head of the dryer. On the handle sits the on/off button and a cool blast button for instant bursts of cold air-use to ‘set’ your finished style.

It uses less heat to style the hair which is its headline feature. Thanks to the ‘intelligent heat control’ that measures airflow temperature over 40 times per second that prevents the excessive heat. Another win for the dryer is the length of the hair dryer’s cable: a generous 2.8m, so no drama here if your mirror is at an annoying distance.

What you get ‘in the box’ depends on the color you are buying. For instance the Iron/Fuchsia (standard), Black/Purple and Black/Nickel hair dryers all arrive with the hair dryer itself, plus smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, diffuser and non-slip heat mess. The 23.75 Gold edition comes with same accessories, but this time they are housed in a red ‘Gesso’ presentation case.


The performance of the dryer has made it the most awarded hair styling tool in 2019, including the Allure Best Beauty Breakthrough award. When we say about the performance of the dryer it is incredibly well, and tames any extra frizz or flyways. It has eased the whole hefty process of blow drying thus enabling us to get salon style at home.

The smoothing nozzle flattens the shafts of hair strands making them look shinier. The cool shot enables to style the finished look in place so that whatever style you opt for stays in place for longer period. Especially the curls which often opens up in a short while. The diffuser achieves defined curls and smoother waves and is very effective for drying and adding definition. No straigteners, curlers required thanks to Dyson, which saves even more time in front of the mirror.

Noise and Speed-

No hair dryer is suppose to be quite and so is Dyson Airwrap but as compared to the average hair dryer, it is quieter. As for the speed it dries the hair faster than other hair dryers. The speed of the device also depends on the type and length of hair you are using. It dries out short, fine hair in few minutes but when you’re drying or styling wavy hair it can take up to five minutes but not more than that.

The way it dries without damaging hair and using less heat than other devices, this is sure a steal and importantly if money is not a factor for you. It’s worth purchasing.

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