Get Your Eye Make-Up with Wander Eye Shadows

Wander is one of the leading cosmetics producers. They have been experimenting with various skincare ingredients to get the very best for their consumers. They have dozens of products that have been chosen by women to date and have never left space in their make-up collection. Once you get these, you will feel the addiction and won’t like to get rid and try another soon. Why should you switch, it’s rare that one gets a perfectly suitable make-up for oneself, it’s already challenging to get there, we know how many products you purchased because it went well with your friend’s skin. It’s like if they don’t suit, the money spend is similar to the money thrown in the pit. Thus, if you have got the product for your skin than you probably shouldn’t swap. Now, if we talk about the wander eye makeup pallet than, you wouldn’t like to get rid of that so easily. Let’s see some looks you can get with the help of this Pallet.

Light Golden

If you observe the yellow golden shades on the wander eye shadow pallet, you won’t be able to resists such deep and pretty shade, a pallet is all you need to get ready for every day to a party look. After you have some the basic on your eyes you need to apply ‘Stargaze’ all over the lid and then switch to ‘Santorini’ a bronze shade into the eye crease. To give a final touch add just a hint of moonlight into the inner corner of your eyes. Now add your favorite black eyeliner to the upper lid and finishing touch with mascara. This look is ideal for a small gathering, in day and night as well. This wouldn’t bring lots of attention to your eyes.

Like An Ocean

Give a sea ocean look with the help of ‘Sea glass’ and ‘Sunkissed’ shadow. Begin with a sea glass over the lid, don’t go for repetition. Just one stroke, smudged all over is enough. If you get too much color on the brush the look won’t be pleasing. Then, pick the ‘Sunkissed’ shade and apply it to the crease. Again don’t go over the board, little is fun. To complete the eye makeup add some black eyeliner, if you like volume and length mascara. The color will look perfect with a black dress. Your eyes will make you look stunning and attractive at the same time.

A perfect day

On those happy days, when you got good results in life or got promoted; let your eyes describe that happiness with this look. You need the ‘Day Dream’, ‘Nude Beach’, and ‘Enchanted’. At first, get the nude shade all over your eyelid, now pick up some ‘Day Dream’ and spread it evenly. Switch to the ‘Enchanted’ shadow from crease to above. At last, if you sprinkle a little bit of ‘Moonlit’ over the shadow then the look will be next level. In the end apply a thin layer of eyeliner, no need to be pointed in the end. Let a stroke slide along the eye. Indeed some mascara is of utmost importance.

Get party-ready 

The look again needs the nude color to be spread all over the eye to the top. Begin with the ‘Overnight’; apply a deep layer of this shade. Because it’s a night party look you need to go bold. Add some ‘SANTORINI’ from the crease above. Add ‘Stargaze’ to the center of the lid. The final look will amaze you. Add the black beauties a thin liner pointed in the end and heavy dose of mascara.

The ‘Flourish’ eye shadow in their pallet is fulfilling on its own. It doesn’t need any other color complimenting to it’s a fabulous look. It is a little pinkish which makes it a perfect everyday choice. Now, paint your eye with some glitter and let us know which was the best.