Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a potent phone with a smooth 120Hz display, 5G and advanced in a compressed design.

Samsung has accomplished something unique in the world of Android: it consistently produced an excellent flagship phone without huge flaws. And the Galaxy S20 is another flagship phone of Samsung packed with surprises.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 gives you a fluid 120Hz display, powerful new camera system with improved zoom and 5G speeds. However, what we think is that the battery life isn’t the best. The S20 is an easy to use phone, and yet this compact device packs quite a punch. Here’s what you’re getting: a 6.2-inch screen with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, 5G download speeds, high-spec cameras on both sides of the phone, and a big battery to boot with an ergonomic and attractive design. The S20 delivers few surprises, which make it all more likely that you’ll skip past it. That would be a mistake.

Design and Display

The S20 doesn’t look radically different from the Galaxy S10, but there are some welcome refinements. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 6.2-inch display; offering exactly 0.1 –inch more screen real estate than 2019’s 6.1-inch S10. Samsung still offers a default resolution of Full HD+ (2220 x 1080), which saves battery.

The S20 is upgraded with the maximum 120Hz refresh-rate display. This isn’t the very innovative thing we’ve seen it in both the Asus ROG Phone 2 and Razer Phone 2 but this is arguably the first time we’ve seen it on a mainstream device.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 color options are not exciting. In the U.S you’ll find three Galaxy S20 colors in Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, and Cloud Pink.


Samsung has followed Apple and Google in photo quality, but the Galaxy S20 looks to beat the competition with bigger sensors, a bigger zoom and new features that make it easier to shoot and share.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a triple rear camera that starts with a 12-MP wide sensor that’s 1.8 microns. The telephoto lens uses a 64MP sensor that’s 0.8 microns and the 12Mp ultra-wide camera uses a 1.4-micron sensor.

Though the Samsung Galaxy S20 doesn’t have the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s monster 100x Space Zoom, but it does have a more powerful zoom than the Galaxy S10. The Hybrid Optic Zoom goes up to 3x, and the digital zoom goes up to 30x. But, overall this is an improvement on the 2x zoom in the Galaxy S10.

Battery Life

The Galaxy S20 has a solid battery life with a 4,ooomAh power pack, a notable increase over the 3,400mAh capacity on the S10. If you tend to use the phone with very high brightness and the 120Hz refresh rate turned on, you’re likely to get the battery life of the phone to be drained quickly.

The S20 has a fast-charging feature that works pretty well. If you have the right charger setup you can get from zero to 100% in under an hour. The S20 range features a 15W wireless charging feature and this can prove to be a useful option.


The most peculiar aspect of the S20 is the introduction of a 5G feature in it. The Galaxy S20 offers its users the first chance to get 5G on their smartphones. But, of course, the faster download speeds also depend if 5G is available in your area from your provider, but even if it isn’t yet, Samsung is baking in the future-proofed connectivity.

We recommend you buying the phone if you want your first 5G phone and you want a top-end camera. But, if you are on a budget we don’t recommend spending so much, it’s quite expensive though.

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