Shampoo Bars for Hair Care

In the past few years, most of the public have gathered up information on the environmental issues and we are the ones who are causing it. It has been advertised and sends in the form of warning to us, how we have depleted these natural resources and have harmed the mother earth. We need to act fast and now has been the slogan. So getting motivated from this, our cosmetics industries have changed the plastic or glass shampoo bottles to a shampoo bar. There have been many controversies in the matter of liquid shampoo that they use synthetic fragrances, colors and created with the help of synthetic detergents, which makes it all the more important to use these shampoo bars.

Chagrin Valley Soaps

This company claims to use the best herbs and oils to produce their shampoo bars. They have tones of variety in bars that will give shiny, healthy, and nourished hair to every individual. The liquid shampoo has the capacity to draw all the oil from our hair and scalp. In the processes of shampooing hair, they take away the necessary vitamins from them. They give you personalized shampoo bars; you need to choose your requirements from the ‘Narrow your search’ option and get the best for yourself. On see these bars, you can actually get the essence of them being natural, as the color is so subtle which makes us believe in their commitments.


 If we talk about Amazon, we know they keep the best products. The Friendly Company made lavender and geranium shampoo bar is another substitute for the liquid hair shampoos. Check this out, by clicking on the title. Another suggestion by Amazon is ‘Ethnique’ shampoo bar which is the choice for vegans. The ingredients in this shampoo bar are Coconut oil and Cocoanut, which makes your hair silky and shiny. As specified on the label the shampoo is ideal for normal and dry hair. Next in the queue is Christophe Robin, Aloe Vera based shampoo mixed with glycerin and castor oil. This shampoo is again an ideal choice for vegan.


Lush has again variety of shampoo bar for different hair types. Like the ‘Montalbano’ for the people who have dull-dry hair. This is a mixture of lemon oil and juice with farmed picked olives. The lemon offers freshen after the wash. ‘Seanik’, an interesting combination of seaweed and sea salt mixed with lemon oil. The look of the bar is such a refreshing sight. It’s helpful in giving an extra shine to the hair and strengthening the root tips. Another option is ‘Avocado co-wash’, it is amazing how this bar looks, a perfect avocado color with a red jelly layer on opposite sides, created with the help of cocoa butter, cider vinegar, and avocado. The after wash effect of this bar it that it leaves you with tangle free hairs, with the fruity fragrance emitting from your hair. American cream is an ideal choice for colored hair, freshly picked strawberries juice, carry seed mixed with vanilla seeds and lavender oil. Gives an amazing fragrance to your hair, the ingredients give a calming and nutritious bath to your head.


The last in our list is the basin, but this doesn’t mean that their shampoo bars are less than the ones specified before. They have an equally astounding collection. Let’s give them a look, but before that let me tell you that you can get the hair-care barrels from them. These are the shampoo and conditioner bar in a set. Such as this one oily and everyday hair barrel, this barrel has three shampoo bars and a conditioner. The shampoos are grapefruit, red raspberry, and an egg noggin. Similarly, there are bars for dry and sensitive scalp bar, fan-favorite, damaged hair, thick and curly hair, etc. you even get an option to customized your own barrel.