Wander Your Complete Body Care Shop

The launch of Wander mark was to make traveling make-up for the working women. They had built their each product keeping in mind the facts of a working ladies schedule. Having a family makes the lovely ladies forget about the prominence of self-care. They devote their lives, every second nurturing others. Don’t you feel the need to change and get yourself a day in a month at least to yourself? Isn’t it vital for every human being to look out for themselves and eat healthily, so what’s stopping you to do so? Enough of those excuses, ‘I will get to it later’, get on now, I mean right now. Since you are reading which means you have some time on your plat. Without a due let’s get on to the products you need for self-care.

Body essentials

Bathing is the first most important thing of the day; you get somewhat 5-10 minutes to pamper yourself before you kick start your day. Wander presents you a shampoo and body wash in one bottle. This multi-tasker body-wash/ shampoo comprises of all the necessary ingredients to prove your love for smooth skin. This product is a mixture of three significant skin and hair crucial such as bamboo extract, panthenol, and coconut oil. Taking a shower and head wash using this will result in body relaxing and nourishing. The product is 2 in 1, thus you need to get conditioner, and this ‘Scenic Route’ conditioner is the best for your hair. It will bring about the softer, healthier and moisturized hair.

Face essentials

Wander has a wide range of products for facial care. Wash your face and get on with the morning routine. Begin with the face cleanser, this will make sure that your skin doesn’t have any unwanted make-up or dead-skin lingering on your face. Unlike other cleansers, this is gel-based, not all liquid. Next comes the face oils, this face oil is a necessary pre-makeup step. Don’t take more than 2-3 drops of oil otherwise, the result wouldn’t be the way you want. Rub the oil gently to your skin in a circular motion until it’s fully absorbed. The final is moisturizer, this will give the vitamin required by the face, and you don’t need much quantity of this as well just a small drop will do the work nice and tidy.

If somehow you feel that this will make your skin too oily than, don’t apply oil after cleanser go with moisture and the wanderlust powder foundation. Although it’s a powder but its talc-free and give full skin coverage.

Eye make-up

The collection of eye makeup has a variety of eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascaras. Let’s see the eye shadows the single eye shadows or palette have the necessary colors that one needs. If you are fond of nudes then you can get the single nude form singles and the color palette for other time need. Other than that you have got the liquid liners in the basic shades. You will love their result. Don’t forget to use these. Now you can get the eyeliner, these are gel-based and totally smudge-proof. Other than, the darkest black you get blue and bronze eyeliner. Final touch with mascara they have got two kinds of mascara one is in golden pack which gives nice curling to the lashes another one is re the volume and curl mascara. This is one of their best selling product, people after using this one doesn’t switch to another product. Get this volume mascara with the under-eye mask to get rid of eye bags.

Highlighter and Lipstick

The final touch up for the face to shine bright, add the highlighter and blush to the chick and the nose. The wander mini palette, which is a combination of two will let you carry it along anywhere without bothering, of it being destroyed. Check out the wander lipstick with liners and the mini lipsticks which will be the final touch.