5 Best pair of shoes every woman should own

With shoes being one of the most important fashion staples, you certainly cannot ignore the fact that it’s pivotal to have the right pairs in your wardrobe that can prove to be your ultimate savior for all the occasions. However, with new trends popping up every few weeks and months, it gets a little tricky to figure out what all pairs can work for you through all the occasions without needing to worry about them going out of trend. While there are a number of shoe styles that every woman should own, but there are certain pieces that are classic for a reason and can always prove to be handy for all the occasions life throws your way.

To help you find out the shoes that are worth investing in and can truly withstand the test of time, we have put together a list of 5 best pair of shoes that can come to your rescue when nothing else will.

Black pumps

We all need to have at least one pair of heels in our wardrobe that can team up well with the majority of our outfits. And black pumps are the most classic choice that looks incredibly stylish with almost anything and everything. No matter if it’s your workplace or an evening outing, this pair of shoes has got you covered for all the occasions. Pumps come with the classic stiletto heel which adds certain edginess and attitude to the shoes and make them look more chic and stylish. With shoes this classic, the chances are zero to a minimum for you to go wrong with your style.

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Ankle boots

This is yet another classic that deserves more credit than it gets. Ankle boots are known to work amazingly well all year round and they look incredibly stylish with most of the outfits. They can work well for every occasion, from workplace and semi-casual event to going out for a dinner or joining your girl gang for drinks, this pair of shoes has got your back all the time. While you can find them in a variety of styles but it’s better to stick to classic silhouettes which includes neutral colors, textures, and detailings.

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Ballerina flats

For all such occasions and days when you can’t work with those heels anymore, ballerina flats can prove to be your lifesaver. They are not only one of the most comfortable shoes you can own buy this is the closest you can get to feel walking barefoot. Much like any other footwear, you can find these ballerina flats in a variety of styles that can look amazingly well with all your outfits including skirts, dresses, jeans, etc. This is one of the most timeless and comfortable shoe styles you can always rely on.

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Leather slide-on

Leather slide-on is one of the summer staple shoes that are not only known to be very comfortable but they also look extremely elegant and chic at the same time. Whether going to your office, to the beach or planning to take a stroll through the city, these leather slides are the best way to make your day a lot more comfortable and easy. You can find leather slides in a plethora of styles in different colors, designs, and details. Pick the one that exudes your personal style and grabs your attention.

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White trainers

For a more relaxed, comfy and sporty look, you can always rely on white sneakers/trainers. No matter what and how many styles of shoes come and go, white trainers are here to stay and they probably will stay forever due to their classic and timeless appeal. Look for them in a classic silhouette and you will be good to go to pair them up with almost every outfit of yours including dresses and jeans.

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